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pardon me for some random writing here.. because the mind is in a state of mess.. ermmmm or rather blank.

1. For the whole of this semester, since November, I have been skipping classes or even attending them without bringing any work-able brain/ears. Yes, lecture notes are printed, but still brand new in my file folder. Exams are round the corner (when i say it’s round the corner, it really is.. ok!)

F.Y.I. it’s on next Tuesday.. X_X
Hosey liao…

2. Instead of studying (if u realize i din use the word “revise” because there is nothing in the brain, how to revise?), I started watching this hk drama 《通天干探》 starring 陈豪,黎姿,元彪,蒙嘉慧,郑嘉颖,魏骏杰,邵美琪.. not bad not bad..

3. Along with this dvd, I am also watching tw dramas/varieties every week.. 《斗牛要不要》,《美味关系》,《恶作剧2吻》,《超级星光大道》

4. Oh man.. I am really a TV addict.

5. Also been messing up my jogging plans, either sick or rain. Haiz.

6. It’s coming back to me, waking up every morning with a thought “Why don’t I apply urgent leave or get a MC today?”

7. The online-shopping has become a “everyday-activity” regardless buying or not. I just like to browse the sites to pass time. (Pass time? Very free meh? No wor.. workload is piling up like nobody’s business!)

8. Scrabulous@FB has become another “click-in-every-night-and-morning” activity too.

9. The new toy has been a great pal so far.. jotting down all sorta tasks, reminders, playing with bubble puzzles.. and using of spreadsheets to consolidate stuffs. Hee..

10. and Yeahhhh, my bedroom and wardrobe are both ready for Chinese New Year!

11. But I need to get new bedsheets and a GOOD new pillow.

12. This avatar is damn bloooooody good. =D


  1. ur avatar is very distracting leh…. everytime i wana read this post, i will be attracted to that poor fellow getting bloody… again and again and again and again and again and again
    Sibeh bloody eirckoh leh…

    all the best for ur exam!

  2. hahaa! Thanks! i hope i can settle my mind to study soon!
    I went Mcd to study for the 3 hours ytd, but ended up playing FB and MSN on my new toy during the last hour, Hahah! Thanks to Wireless@SG. Hahaha…

    Good Gooood Goooood Good Good Gd… hahahaa… (does that gd gd gd sounds like Mr Pig? LoL! ;p) hey.. that bloody fellow damn cool rte~ haha! tats why i loved that avatar! sibeh bloody erickoh!!!!

  3. 通天干探 very de nice leh, PY spent a few nights chasing it also.

    eh, still got mood to see mayday concert, concentrate la! not concert!~~~

  4. Heehee..

    everytime it comes to exam period, I will suddenly find all sorta TV programmes all very nice to watch leh.. Hahaa..

    HEY, MAYDAY is a kinda motivation leh, u noe!! Managed to catch a glipmse of Ashin on Bai Fen Bai before I slept ytd!! WOooHOooo~ (Thnx odin for notifying me!)

    LOL! 😀

  5. sibeh sukiwu leh.. can u replace the poor guy in the picture with your face?? think it will be nicer to watch u smashing ur head, lolz.. all the best 2005! all to ur exam too!

  6. thanks!! all the best 2005!!! Hahahaaa~~~

    Eh but i think put your face better leh! Ar bo StevenKoh’s face ma si eh sai!! LoL!!!

  7. ma si eh sai… put steven’s famous photo expression.

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