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Bali 2011!


Heh heh.. our company organizes incentive trips for us on a yearly basis, this time the destination is to Bali! This is also the second time I’m joining, the first time was to Bangkok. Haha.. as I mentioned earlier on, I wasn’t too excited about it.. and I was really right! The trip was just as I’ve wanted, free and relaxed.. except for the first half day tour, and the sad thing was I caught a cold and fell sick on the second day!! Ergh.. but I enjoyed myself in photography throughout the entire trip. Oh ya.. and Baby Justin & family’s presence. Hahaaa.. you are gonna see lotsa him in my photos too. =p

Pictures are mostly from me, with my colleagues’ additions. 🙂

Day One – Arrival at Bali Internation Airport and ½ Day Tour to souvenir shops.. we weren’t interested in shopping souvenirs, so we had fun among ourselves.. The indian lady appeared so “National Geographic”-ly and so just in time in the right composition. My colleague, Jimbo took this shot. *thumbs up*

First stopover wasn’t to check-in to our hotel, instead, we started the day tour right away after lunch at some tak-shiok chinese restaurant.. the first stop was the Ancient Pura Uluwatu Temple, one of the oldest and most important temple in Bali. We were told to wear sarongs if our shorts were above knee cap, and also warned repeatedly to take good care of our belongings. There, you see monkeys sitting around harmlessly.. we still had mood to stand around taking group shots, jump shots.. but we were so wrong! They are very arrogant and well-trained bunch of monkeys!!! Terrible!

Such beautiful scenery, I wanted to name it “天涯海角”, look at the hills, waves.. and sky. Forming a perfect yet surreal picture in our minds, too bad it was instantly spoilt by the Balinese locals. They trained their monkeys to snatch tourists’ belongings, such as spectables, cameras, handphones.. just as we stopped by the most beautiful spot of the temple, a monkey targeted, pounced on Jimbo’s back, snatched his specs, and ran up the tree.. so smoothly that you cannot imagine it. And to our surprise, he’s not the only victim.. there are several victims from our company!!! Argh…. the “trainers” will throw bags of fruits to the monkeys so that they return your belongings, in exchange, you have to pay them, and they bargain for more money!! KNS!

Next, Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park. It’s the biggest and highest Statue in Bali, with showcase of the island of Gods amid dramatic backdrops… the weather was so freaking hot, but the sky was freaking beautiful too! Haha! They brought us to some coffee factory too.. so turned off. =p

Comes the company dinner where all of us were gathered. As we were split into Group 1 and 2 in a planned way, so that we could back up each other on the work days. The dinner will be held on Saturday where both groups will meet up together. After dinner, we finally get to check in to our hotel at Hard Rock Hotel! Hehehe.. did some shopping around our hotel area in Kuta.. and it was sweet dreams.

Altho I’m not a huge fan of the beach, but we are in Bali! How can we not hit the beach? Anyway, it’s also hard to avoid, it’s right opposite our hotel lor~~ lol… we had some hotel breakfast buffet, and head right down before the afternoon sun is up. Heh.. Look at the blue blue sky~~~ lovely!! I convinced them that WE MUST DO JUMP SHOTS!!! Wow.. everyone can jump wor! Swee~~ Swee~~ Swee~~~ and we couldn’t resist ourselves to head back again for the sunset on another night. =p

Look at the group jump shot, love it!!! Hahaa…

Oh, and did I mention how unbelievably well-behaved is Baby Justin? Anyone can carry him and walk around, pictures as evidence!! Hahaha…

LOL~ 叫我如何不爱他?

Lunch.. we insisted to have Babi Guling! Even when our colleagues wanted to go for some cheap BBQ Seafood or Pizza Hut.. *bleah*! We didn’t want to join them. Kekeke.. Oh yums, it’s good!!! tho abit salty la.. Hehe.. the nicer one was in Ubud, too far away… =p

Weather was toooo hot, we hid into some shopping malls nearby the Galleria, and had some yogurt at Sour Sally! Haa… also went to their Giant Supermart to get some Jumbo Maggie Mee! 😀 The Polar Bear can milk was legendary, according to Orange. She says it can cure my cold.. so I grabbed two cans, but it soothes my throat a lil.. that’s all. Keke..

Dinner was another highlight of our trip. Bubba Gump, a seafood restaurant inspired by the 1994 film Forrest Gump. The Bubba Gump restaurant is named after the film’s characters Benjamin Buford “Bubba” Blue and Forrest Gump. In the film, Bubba suggested the shrimping business and ultimately Forrest pursued the idea after Bubba’s death in the Vietnam War. =p The food here was great, service was excellent…

Bill was fantastic too… it’s A MILLION DOLLAR MEAL!!!!! WOOHOOOO~~~

Hee hee.. our trip was made up mostly by FOOD. Heh.. after a two hour massage, we had our lunch for the last day before heading for the airport. The famous Made Warung restaurant in Bali, established in 1969, grown from a traditional roadside warung into a restaurant. THE FOOD HERE IS DAMN GOOD LAH!!! YUMMYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We counted, there were TEN dishes in a plate of Nasi Campur.. and for me, it was ½ Nasi Campur + ½ Gado Gado… more vege! =p

Lastly… finally heading back to Singapore. I was down for two days MC immediately… while it was also time Pail set off for his Manila Biz trip… boohooo……


  1. you are one of the few people who took super duper nice pics of bali and made bali look really beautiful..

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