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The 2010 Christmas Party!!


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Looking forward to it, we are gonna have a sumptuous meal whipped up by Fusifu and his wifey. Whenever I’m invited to any party, the first thing that comes to my mind is, hoho.. Time to shop for PRESENTS! But this time, Fusifu suggested, instead of paying him for all the food, why not we donate some to the charity? We have not decide on which charity organization to donate to, but this is somethin meaningful and fun to do as a group!!

And the thing is, we are gonna have a theme party!! Till date, the decided theme will be a PJ Party. Sounds fun!! Woohoo… meanwhile, here are some ideas to dress up for a PJ Party! Heh..

Cling a teddy bear to complete the look!

Hey guys.. make an attempt on that sleek hairdo, and wear a white singlet with boxers!

Ladies might want to consider curlers and the “包租婆 LOOK”!

…or shall all of us dress up as “Banana in pyjamas”? 😀

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As I’m writing this entry, new ideas are flowing in our email discussion! (the party theme might not be PJ Party eventually!) Hohoho.. In d end, are we really gonna make a themed party come true? Haha!

Will update here again!! :p

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