寫 "漪" 生 活

shopping and meatballs at IKEA!!


As mentioned in random7, there we are.. *droooools*

[singlepic id=”737″ w=”600″]

Of course we had lotsa fun, acting like those are our future homes to be… especially when Xmas is so near! Love all the xmas decor~~~~ <3

[singlepic id=”738″ w=”600″]

Talking about FUTURE, when is that walk-in closet dream gonna come true???? Hahahaa.. and oh how I love that monochrome featured wall with the black frames of different sizes!!

[singlepic id=”736″ w=”600″]

Talking about FUN…. Hee heee….

[singlepic id=”735″ w=”600″]

It was a wonderful IKEA experience with Yan and Odin.. we bought lotsa stuffs home!!! My best buy was the $9.90 mirror that Pail has helped me fixed on the back of my door now.. SEE!! Best buy!!!

[singlepic id=”739″ w=”550″]

Last but not least…. here’s to ODINCHOY.

[singlepic id=”740″ w=”600″]


  1. LOL..odin resolution..farnie la..wooo you finally got urself a full length mirror!!

  2. oh no… the year is ending sooon…… muz act fast

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