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The Joy of being Pregnant


This post is about the JOY of being pregnant with a baby. I shall not talk about the woes and shocks I’ve gone through yet.. maybe in a separate post. 🙂

During the second trimester.. despite the pregnancy symptoms like extreme soreness and numbness in my hand that I can’t even sleep at ease, and also still some nausea from the first trimester up till May.. we went to Bangkok for a BABYMOON!!! Hee.. as advised by my gynae, this is the best period to travel when the bump isn’t too big, and good appetite has returned to me too. Heh.. I love the resort stay at Hua Hin, and lotsa shopping for the little one in Bangkok!! And throughout the whole pregnancy, I was very well taken care of by Pail, he is the best hubby I could ask for lah.. he did all the housechores, and cooked meals and red bean soups for me.. he even learnt how to cook bird nest my Dad bought. He has such empathy for me that he has more pregnancy cravings than me, and his taste buds changed gradually because he started eating spicy food! Hahaa.. We also attended Mrs Wong Boh Boi ‘s prenatal classes, which was extremely fun and helpful. We learnt lots and by attending such classes together, I feel it pulls us closer even more, I love to see us working towards the same goal together, giving support to one another! 

Hua Hin Beach

Hua Hin Resort

Bird Nest

Thai Food

Moving into the Last trimester, it was fun and happy too, I quite enjoyed it because my bump is getting bigger.. and I know the little one is growing well. It’s very amazing when I can see so clearly that she is kicking me and especially when she has hiccups! Ha! My belly will move with rhythm! Oh ya, my train rides had been great too, because I met many kind souls giving up their seats for me. There are also priorities given to pregnant women whenever there are queues.. Dressing up the bump was fun because I don’t need to worry about being fat or not! Hehz..

Here are some significant Baby Bump shots! Love it when the bump is HUGE! Haha!
Bump shots

Bump shot

My water retention was pretty bad.. my shoes don’t fit anymore, even my wedding band doesn’t fit anymore! But I still wanna wear it so this was what I did.

Wedding Band

This is what babies see when parents look at them in baby cots/baby strollers. 😀
Crazy Parents

I felt sooo hot everyday, temperature raised like duno what.. and I was so happy to hear drinking coconut water is good for last few weeks of pregnancy, whether or not the myth about clean babies is true, I don’t care because it’s so hydrating and cooling!!!

Why so Hot


Meeting up with friends were super happy every weekend too, not forgetting, we celebrated our 6th Dating Anniversary at Salt and Grill. I treated every outing with friends as the last outing before I pop!! Coz we don’t know when it’s gonna be!! Hehehe… and all in all, it’s Eating and More Eating, Shopping and More Shopping, and Sleeping.. hmm, nope, sleeping was not fun. I had to sleep sitting up.. and the frequent toilet visits.. Boohoo… I advise all Mommies to get enough pillows, it’s really important and useful!!!

Salt and Grill

Prata Supper

Wimbly Lu


LKY Musical

Happy SG50


Sept Babies

Thankfully, my company allows me to work from home very often as and when required. Being super appreciative of that, I made sure I did not take any advantage of this benefit and I really worked hard in this little corner of the house. By now, I could no longer sit on the floor using the coffeetable, I needed to sit on a proper chair and work on the table. 🙂

Working from Home

Oh! Setting up the nursery was pretty fun. I decided I want a WHITE nursery room that signify PURE for our little one. We wouldn’t want the room to be too over girly, always bearing in mind, 我們要走氣質路線!Haha! Oh, and that’s the gigantic bloated me in pyjamas sitting in the nursery… :p

Baby Cot

Nursery Room

Me in Nursery

My gynae has instructed me to do at least 20 squats daily, and do lotsa walking! So that the little one will come out one week earlier, and labor could have been easier. My darling little one seems to have inherited Mommy’s genes; on the plump side! 2.7kg at 37 weeks! Haha! Although shopping is considered walking, but since we have a treadmill at home, I made it a point to walk everyday while watching TV after work (tat’s why makeup is still on!). Heh.. Pail held my hand and did squats with me too, because by now, I feel pain squatting and can’t do it without holding on to something/someone.


I’ve been experiencing the tightening of my belly as hard as rock.. and whenever I lie down, it comes and go more often, which I will have difficulty catching my breath, so breathless that I had to wake Pail up to help me sit up to catch my breath!! These are called Braxton Hicks, which are very common throughout pregnancy. They are very similar to contractions, but not feeling any pain.. as they became more frequent, we were thinking could labor be near? So.. the very last few days before I pop, I suggested to Pail to take half day off let’s go dating… celebrating his birthday in advance. 😉

Dear Birthday

Lastly… Heh… the anticipating when the little one is going to pop was exciting!! Could it be 1st Sept? 9th Sept? 11th Sept? Hohoho…this is all we want to say.

Daddy and Mummy

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