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Birth Story of Vera


And so the EDD-day has arrived, which means the baby in my belly has grown gigantic and reached 40th week full term. How can we not take a selfie? ;p

Last picture the night before we head out for dinner with YishunKakis. Hee..

We have decided to take our gynae’s  advice, to induce labor as baby’s getting heavy and big, labor may not be easy for me, better not end up in emergency caesarian. 

Early in the morning ard 8am, we set off to our gynae’s clinic, feeling really nervous and excited! I don’t have to look out for contractions or worry about being messy if I burst the waterbag at home or in the car.. heh..

We were too early, the clinic was not open yet.. so, Go for breakfast!! Delifrance again.. seriously, TMC need more food options!!!

Around 10am, I was in the room all set up to monitor baby’s heartbeat, and my contractions.. seems like there are no signs of labor, so my gynae inserted the induction pill. Interesting rte.. a pill can do such wonders. That’s me lying there waiting for the pill to set in…

Once the pill has set in, we were told to go walk walk, as much as I can, so as to “activate” the pill. We went to Orchard, but shops were not open yet, I decided to have my final hairwash, a good one. Only Protrim at Takashimaya was available with not too extravagant charges, but result was worse than my own hairwash at home. =,= Ok nvm. Lets have a good lunch at Ding Tai Feng!!! Meanwhile, contractions began to get more regular and bad… I already lost most of my appetite. I used iPhone app Contractions to record the duration and intervals.

Around 12.30pm, we went back to the clinic, checked, diliation is only 1.5cm T_T
Waited till 2.30pm, gynae asked us to go do admission, I’m ready to be put on a drip to further induce my labor. Dear Little Sesame still don’t wanna come out ahh… 

I was given medicine to clear my bowels. I immediately rushed to the toilet and let out everythinggggg.. I guess I lost 2kg instantly.. 😀 Gynae came by to check on me, and she promptly decided to break my waterbag with her magic finger.. a prick and GUSH!!! It’s like a warm gush of water rushing and flowing out… what a sensation lor!!! Bbbrrahhhh!!

With the pill in the morning, drip and breaking of waterbag.. it only meant PAIN, VERY PAIN contractions! The nurses prepared and taught me how to breathe in the laughing gas, it kinda eased a lil’ bit but not much help when contractions became so frequent and strong. I even had side effects from it and puked!! Arghh, decided to dump the whole laughing gas idea!

Epidural.. yes. Never did I expect my whole epidural experience to be so bad.. thanks to a bad anesthesia doctor and nurse! The contractions were almost unbearable, the pain was at my abs and front that I can’t even lie down properly. When the epidural injection needles were poked into my back, I jumped a bit with natural reflex,  I was then told to curl up to let him do the procedure. The doctor said I shldn’t jump because he can’t guarantee if he found my spine or not, he’s just trying his luck, if he didn’t manage to find it, he will just have to redo and poke again. ARGH. Where’s his professionalism? Really. Meanwhile, he never stopped chatting with this pinoy  nurse who’s assisting him, chatting bo liao stuffs like where to go and what to eat later.. Seriously?!! 老娘痛得要命,你們在話家常,真想大喊 “都給我閉嘴!” I CRIED feelin pissed and 委屈. I do not understand why Pail was not allowed to stay with me, he had to stand outside to wait.

Time passed and I do not know how long later.. I felt worse and worse with the soreness cramps even after the epidural procedure. I was told not to lie on my back, so I layed on one side, holding on to the bed rails, with one hand on drip unable to move, another hand with blood pressure monitored and had to stretch out straight. Oh man! 

Contraction pain became cramps that were so sore I can’t take it.. 感覺好酸好酸~ Nurse Tin is a much nicer and more compassionate nurse who took over and gave me oxygen gas to breathe. She’s also a filipino, I do not know how to describe what is “酸” to her. Haha.. and I still have not feel numbness at my feet at all. =,= I wish my tolerance of pain is as high as my tolerance level towards medicine. This insensitive doctor’s attitude was really bad when Nurse Tin suggested if I can increase dosage of epidural. Instead of advising me what to do, he asked me “So how? U want to increase dosage ah? Up to u la.. so how? u want? u want?” ARGH!! I miss my Dr Wong… but I could only cry to Pail. 

Around 5pm in the evening, Pail went to have his dinner. The nurses inserted urine tube for me so that I don’t have to get down the bed, well I couldn’t anyway. I felt like a 尿失禁 patient.. can’t even feel myself peeing, but I can see it happening! haha.. I asked Nurse Tin to check dilation for me, 3-4cm! (with ongoing soreness and oxygen intake) but gynae estimated it’s probably gonna happen at midnight.

Another 2 hrs passed, my dilation suddenly shot up to 8-9cm! That’s it, ready for the Toughest mission of all ever~~~ every time there’s a contraction coming, I need to raise my two legs up on the bed, signal Nurse Tin who was also my midwife, Pail will hold my hand and I’ve to curl my chin inwards touching my chest, HOLD MY BREATH to do THREE PUSHES. It’s like using abs muscle to poo during constipation but with 10x more energy and continuous three pushes.. PUSH, PUSHH.. PUSHHHHHHH with all my might yet I cannot make the “erghhhhh (gek sai)” sound, coz the nurses say I may hurt my throat, so what we see in movies are all fake!! I can’t scream at all?! I had to keep quiet and push?!?! The whole procedure is just too toughhh, I can only hold my breaths long enough to do 2 pushes, and around 8pm, gynae came back in her casual outfit, oooh so she has made a trip home to and fro as she didn’t expect my dilation to open so quickly. She had requested the nurses to prepare forceps earlier to assist my delivery, but, the inflexible paperwork system has delayed the delivery of forceps because they had to fill up some forms or duno what la.. anyways..

After an hour of PUSHHHHHing.. + the help of forceps and midwives pushing my belly, and most importantly Pail’s support by my side, our little sesame Baby Vera was born with weight of 3.5kg!!! 

*Pail and I both in tears!*

First touch ❤️

Yes!!! WE DID IT!!!

Many thanks to my gynae Dr Joycelyn Wong from ACJ Clinic at TMC. She has been super nice and supportive, I’ll highly recommend her to anyone!! 

Today I felt exceptionally emotional posting this entry, because Vera has reached the 3-months old milestone today!! Motherhood has been awesome. Darling Vera, Papa & Mama named you Vera because it means Faith. We hope you’ll always have faith in doing anything in your life. 🙂


  1. aww such sweet post!
    I can totally feel your emotions through this post, as a mother who also went through long labour and epidural too!
    Congrats mummy!

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