寫 "漪" 生 活

Sibeh HOT leh!


Arghh!!! You know.. sometimes.. too much of anything can really drive people crazy!!!

ERGGHhHHhhhhhhhhhh….. it’s either just MSG or chillipadi everywhere.. or BOTH.

This is spoiling the original taste of food.. and our taste buds as well. I’m DEFINITELY not someone who is picky about food, nor do i love bland food or soupy stuffs, but also no need everything put chillipadi mah! it’s not juz chilli.. it’s CHILLI PADI. Lotsa of chilli padi~!!!! I can’t even try to pick out the chilli, because there is chillipadi in EVERY spoonful of food I put into my mouth.

Currently: Heading to Mc’D for dinner, shun bian settle down for some serious study!

Darn. Just what’s her problem?


  1. 由于吃打包饭已多年,我对于‘吃’,已经算是很随便了,有的吃我已经很开心了,可是只要求不要什么鬼都加辣,好吗?看着自己最爱的炒饭和鸡蛋… 有种被糟蹋的感觉!

  2. 问题不在于每一道菜都有辣椒……



  3. 很少!??!?! 每一口都有辣椒LEH,挑都挑不出来!她的’很少’真的很恐怖咯~~~~

  4. 不然找一天你叫他放很多辣椒..then 你compare 一下..如果没有分别,你就问他倒底多在哪里….但如果真的多出很多,that means他真的有”少放”给你了咯….

  5. yea yea..agree wif angie.

    u can also use ur reverse psychology on her..
    ask her put more, tel her not enuf in front of everyone at hm..=p

  6. hahaa… i’m afraid i might sound sacarstic leh.. =p

    anyway, today i’m on MC coz i woke up losing my voice, by the time i come back seeing the doc, she already cooked me a pot of porridge and got ready 菜心+ 肉松 aside, hmmm indeed abit touched by this action (我也蛮好哄的嘛..?)

    wahahahaha.. but i saw on the dining table, the original dishes for lunch are all CHILLI. NO WONDER the porridge and all the 菜心+ 肉松….WHAHAHAHA!

  7. take more water + honey + lemon + lozen ba

  8. anything? whatever?

    辣死人不偿命啊…我也试过,为了不要让老人家难过,把没有味道的汤喝完,拉了两天肚子,以后终于学会说真话. 哈哈.

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